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Rhyme Sonny – WHEN I WAS A CHILD

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When I was a child, I spoke, thought and reasoned like a child
Because I was a child
To friends and foes, I smiled
When I was a child
I was meek and mild
But at the least provocation, I go wild
When my mum introduced me to the word, though still a child
I was beguiled

When i was a child
I was told that my sins has been recorded
And filed in heaven
But if i pray to God my sins can be forgiven
And that file will be discarded

When I was a child,
I chose my own ways, truth I manipulated
To me that was the life, John 14:6 was never said or heard
I was blind
In my mind, I encountered
Defeat even before I started
I was self centered, self–conceited and ill mannered

When I was a child
I was evil minded,
Spiritually retarded,
In holiness, I was just dead
I never paid attention to the word
Because I taught i was just a child and broke
Don’t laugh about this; this is my life not a concert party joke

When I was a child
I wore the garment of sin like a morning cloak
Curse, poverty, lowliness were some of the words I spoke
I lied, fornicated, masturbated and smoked

When I was a child
I was paralyzed by sin like my old aunty suffering from stroke
I won the competitions of sin easily like Michael Phelps doing the backstroke
I never knew that if I go on my knees and pray, I could evoke
God’s anointing to break every yoke of sin
I never knew if I’m determine
I could win
my battles against sin
And kill my lustful desires like Abel and Cain

When I was a child
I never knew i was the Lords
And that I was created for a purpose
So any decision I made should have a good because
And any action I took should have been for a good cause

When I was a child
To me there was no difference between right and wrong
To the Lord, I never sang a praise song
All I did was to corner my peers, give them a blow and show them I’m strong

When I was a child
I prayed for a particular reason. [To be rich]
I prayed only in a season. [31st Dec]
I never knew I should have praying without ceasing
I deceived myself thinking I was something
When indeed in his eyes, I was nothing
I thought without him, I could do everything
But anything I did was nothing
Even though I did something
Its just because anything without him is nothing

But thank God
Praise God
That now I’m no more a child
And I say to you: that rejoice not over me
My enemy
Never again will you hear my blasphemy
I am joining the Lords army
To bring down Satan’s economy

Thank God
Praise God
That now I’m no more a child
I am a new creature
Certain about the future
Ready for the rapture
Practicing the ways of the preacher
And revising the notes of J E S U S the teacher
Now being a Christian is no more an adventure
I read the scriptures
And it tells me that I should invest in the kingdom of God
Because investing in the world is the most wasteful business venture

I am no more a child
I have been released from bondage
I have discarded the life of my former age
And anytime I stand in front of the mirror, I see me as God’s image
Remolded from disadvantage to an advantage
He has open for me a fresh page
Rewriting my life’s passage
And in the passage
There is a message
It reads…
Even though my takeoff looks shaky, great and safe will be my landing
A mustard seed cast into the garden
A new Adam, now in charge of the Garden of Aden
To the society I lived in, I am no more a burden
I have breeched the constitution of Christendom several times but I was pardoned
And he said to in Matthew 11:28
That “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
and I will give you rest
Beloved, I boldly recommend this God to you he is the best
He is the first and the last stop, no next
The greatest
His bosom is the safest


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