Minister Kaysi Owusu


Kaysi Owusu(born Kwesi Nyarko Owusu-Sekyere) is a gifted and versatile singer/songwriter. With songs like Trust & Obey


      1. Trust & Obey - Kaysi Owusu[Prod_by C-Tea & Kay So]
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, Promises, Want You Lord, Worship Medley and the latest single Exceeding Grace to his credit, he is an upcoming gospel musician who has a unique way of bringing the presence of God to His people.

Kaysi’s music is greatly influenced by the fusion of Neo-Soul and RnB. He also has an affinity for guitar music, precisely ‘afrocentric vocalisms’. Kaysi’s talent was developed in Achimota senior high school, where he joined a group called THE MESSAGE. Being gifted with a powerful voice, he became a lead singer in a vibrant Gospel Rap and RnB group known as STREET DISCIPLES (later called G.U.D). They released their debut album in 2006, ‘Time is Up’.

Kaysi believes that gospel artists are strong tools of evangelism and that gospel music is at the forefront of kingdom expansion. He is gaining recognition quickly along with his team of young people who seek to win souls for Christ. They are on 1MISSION, hence the group name, 1MISSION. Their main goal is to bring the good news of Christ to all who are lost through music and various donations, making Christianity a practical faith.

He has worked with the Rap group, Preachers, Too Deep, OBJ, Regardless, Overflow, Royal Vessels, Winners Ghana Youth Choir, and ministered in several well-known churches across Ghana and Europe.[viraldownloader id=306 ]


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