Memories of a Lost Dignity


Memories of a Lost Dignity

By Joana Graham

Born with a gift

Cherished with love

Sought after with curiosity.

I hid my dignity

I held it like an egg

My treasure was within me

I held it with so much pride

Until the flow of red blood spilled,

As the blood trickled down my legs

The tears spilled down my cheeks

My shoulder slumped.

My eggs was broken

My pride ……..Lost

My dignity …..Gone

 As second of worldly pleasure

Had cost me an eternity of joy

I was just an apology of a woman

My vision was no more.

As poverty hovered down upon me

The cry of my child………

Takes me back to that day

When I lost my pride to a man

As who promised me nothing but love

But who offered nothing but pain and shame

My family disowned me

Abandoned me

The society stigmatized me

I was hopeless

But what hurt me most was,

The look on my child’s face

The resemblance broke my heart

Just when I thought I could get away,

From such a wicked man

I brought forth a second version of him

I can’t hide now,

Because the truth lies here with me.

I would never forget

Who I used to be

The shame of who I am now

And the mystery of who I would soon turn out to be

I am left with nothing

Nothing but the memories of a lost dignity.

Joana Graham
Joana Graham the face behind this beautiful poem


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