Christmas Card


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By Joana Graham


Santa tell me if you’ll be here.

Tell me what to do next year.

I don’t want to ask for presents.

I don’t want any Christmas tree.

I just want to sit under the mistletoe.

And care for the homeless.

See the little girl staring through the window.

She must be two, three or four.

She has no home, she has no food.

She is stuck in winter and so cold.

Can anyone see her?

Does anyone hear her?

As she stares at the family in the house.

Tears begin to spill down her rosy cheeks

Please reach out to her,

Because she deserves a Christmas too.

That’s why am writing this.

To let her know that she’s not alone.

 That why am yelling loud,

To let her know ….that I care.

The Christmas spirit is here

And it says, give out with cheer.

So Santa kindly give the homeless child

A lovely Christmas card

Because she deserves a Christmas too.

Joana Graham
Joana Graham the face behind this beautiful poem


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