Oh Finger of God

By Joana Graham

As young and innocent as I am

I try to be as righteous as I can

The world tries to lead me astray

My friends strive to leave me in dismay

But I stand my guard and fight

I do everything I know to be right

My life seems to be full and perfect

How can things fall apart?

Then suddenly like a bolt from the blue.

Everything begins to go wrong

I move from grace to grass

I find myself in an unmistakable fall.

My blood flows with ailment

My veins move with weakness

And my bones ail with brokenness

Those I thought loved and cared about me

Turned their back on me

I feel alone, hopeless and faithless

But deep down I feel a pinch of faith

Just as that little faith begins to fade away

I began to feel invincible to the world.

But before I giving up…I said a word of prayer.

Suddenly a gush of peace descends

I see faith smiling at me again

Then a silent voice whispers…..

“You are not alone, God is with you”

Oh finger of God

The face behind this beautiful poem The face behind this beautiful poem


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