To whom it may concern

I listened to a message from BISHOP T D JAKES and PASTOR VAN MOODY about friendship, the law of selectivity; you can’t be friends with everyone.

You make friends with people who share your dream, vision or purpose.

Whilst listening, I made a mental note of all my friends and it struck me, some of them have my dreams and see life the way I see it, some don’t.

I’m sure you’re wondering why this speech but no matter how you put your differences aside or try to make your relationship with these people work, it just doesn’t work, not at all.

Back to why I’m writing a speech, I figured we just complicate our lives by trying to keep the “wrong” people in our lives. We fight and give it our all and let go but STILL. It doesn’t.

So instead of fighting a lost cause, let’s identify our dream sharers, the people who are on the same pathway as we are, the people who are chasing what we’re chasing, and the people who won’t see us as stumbling blocks but as stepping stones…



PS: before you find people like you, find yourself and be true to yourself and to your friends…GOD BLESS YOU

Kulevome Eyram AFUA Nusienyo
The Face Behind The Speech


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