Our Ghana

Ghana has witnessed many changes over the years, most of which are a reflection of our character, beliefs and values. Not too long ago, being a child in Ghana , meant being brought up with values such as discipline, respect and gratitude, among others. But where do these values go as we grow up?

Anyone who spends time in town, be it in a car on the way to work or class, or at the market or the salon, just to name a few, will hear complaints about how things are tough, nobody cares anymore, nobody respects the law, there are no jobs…..the list is endless! But what we fail to see is that the problems we complain about start with the individual…you and me.

Our society did not change overnight. Little acts on our part have contributed to the  fabric of moral decadence our nation is wearing today. Let’s think about it….If you and I refuse to give that policeman or security man a bribe when he asks for it, and sacrifice, as hard as it may be, by maybe spending time at the police station justifying ourselves, who will continue to boldly ask for bribes as time goes on? Or better still, why don’t we just do the right thing, like renewing our insurance on time, getting that broken tail light promptly fixed, obeying traffic rules, parking at the right spot, etc. so that no one will even have basis to stop us in the first place?

Or if we always find the right place to dispose of rubbish, instead of tossing it outside the window or dropping it on that auditorium floor, or dumping it at the back of the house only to see it floating in that choked gutter the next day, will we face the level of filth plaguing our streets now?

You may be wondering just how practical these suggestions are; but a little sacrifice on every Ghanaian’s part is just what this nation needs. If we continue to wait for those in authority to do everything for us, we just might be waiting a long time! The change we want to see starts with YOU and ME.

Let’s change the status quo.



Nana Boatemaa Amoah

The Face behind this transformational piece. This was originally posted Friday, 21 August, 2015 on bloghttp://ghblessed.blogspot.com/?m=1. Please follow the link to her blog and let help make it go viral. God Bless you


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