Have you ever felt the excitement of having a new idea coming to you? Let’s take a second to reflect on some of those amazing ideas….”Use old books to start a community library”, “bake some cakes to sell”, “start a new workout plan to lose weight!”…
How many times have you had a little ‘reality check’ making you feel like you cannot follow through with your idea after all because you will be laughed at or because you do not have enough capital to start or there is no one to support you or you just might not be able to sustain that idea?
You may most probably be wondering where I’m going with this, but I just want to put a single word across to you today: ENCOURAGEMENT.

I have come to realise that in achieving great things, we more often than not fail at the first few attempts. Those failures, however, add to the beauty of the final picture.
What is it that makes other countries seemingly more successful than Ghana? A careful look into these countries’ achievements will reveal that somewhere,  in someone’s corner, he or she was encouraged in one way or another to put the little resources he or she had to good use. That simple phrase “YOU CAN DO IT” builds nations! And that is what we need today. We need a view of the bigger picture.
Let us not wait for another person from somewhere else to come and fix things. You may have tried to correct someone or even to invent something. You may most probably have been laughed at or faced with a challenging environment. But there is at least one Person Who believes in you: GOD. And He has placed you in a country that believes in you too…GHANA.
Ghana is counting on us to build our ideas so we can recover from our past mistakes as a nation. Do not wait till you grow old or run out of options before you decide to make a difference with your gifts.
To conclude, I once tried to bake some cakes; but as a result of adding too much of one or two ingredients, I got a different thing altogether! However, instead of it being a disappointment, it turned out to be even better and sweeter than I intended it to be. I ended up calling it my ‘sweet mistake’.

What ‘sweet mistake’ have you made today? Believe me, something great could come out of it, not just for you, but for Ghana. Do not listen to those discouraging voices. There are more voices cheering you on. And when you see someone else making an effort to make a difference, do not hesitate to give that person an encouraging word.



Nana Boatemaa Amoah is the Face behind this animating piece. This was originally posted Friday, 28 August 2015 on Please click the link to her blog and let help make it go viral. God Bless y’all


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