1. Sounds of My Soliloquies - Natty
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Property owning democracy ; Better Ghana Agenda,

All Die be Die nti, yes nso yentie obiaa dabi ara da,

We all dey here de cry but some people just de get richer,

I guess the average politician will never cease to tell a lie just to merit your kokromoti (thumb) power,

One truth we all cannot deny; no real love for the country, everybody just chasing after the Ghana Cedi paper.


The fight against corruption, year after year they all profess,

But the situation only keeps getting worse,

Telling me the white man took away our gold is like you tellimg me they took away all of our earth.


The name Gold Coast,

So was it just an old post by which the old boast or truly our shores were the carriers of gold flows?

I guess these are things the average politician will pretend to never know,

See how everything just de go slow,


Just because we’re preaching selfish political philosophies and self-esteemed ideologies, just to fulfill our fantasies.


Hear the Sounds of My Soliloquies…


Turning off the vision when we ought to be focusing our gaze on professional ethics and morality,

Funny how everybody is talking about democracy,

“Kã bi ma minkã bi”,

Equal rights in society,

Yet nobody really cares about how serious the stench in the low class be.

Instead, all we get is a whole bunch of noise on the radio and on the tele…

I’m sick and wearied of this NDC/NPP economic crippling mentality,

Building the nation’s walls on propaganda, greed and envy,

And it’s all child’s play, chucky…

God save us if we get lucky.


Shame on them all,

As if the sweat, blood and tears of our forefathers mean to them nothing at all.

Is this all we become after going to school?

Still education remains our major tool.


I mean what is the use of Degrees and Masters,

Doctorates and PhDs if economically they cannot protect us?

Don’t get me wrong, education is still the key but what about the practice?

After we’re done paying the fee, we’re left with little industrial benefits,

Of course the same remains wages and salaries (that is, if you receive), skyrocketing are the bills and taxes,

Many many years down the line and we’re still here blaming economic woes on the age of slaves and masters


The Osagyefo is long gone,

But his achievements still stand strong,

And his ideas still relevant to both the old and the young.


So I say all salutes to Kwame Nkrumah, Jerry John Rawlings, the Big Six, Present and Past Leaders,

Great visionnaires, some very selfless…

But many keep asking, so what really happens to all the aid from IFIs such as the IMF and all the money the British left us?

Domestic and foreign reserves; over the years, all that we generated….

I guess a lot has been swept under the carpet.


Talk less of the oil but when it comes to gold and cocoa, we keep ranking among the world’s largest producers,

Yet it seems as though poverty is unable to excuse us.


Indeed we have been economically reckless,

As if they will put money in our pockets,

Politicians are now worshipped,

Until they eventually become the pirate captains of our economic warship,

In the end, it becomes an abomination to make them account for their stewardship.


I guess it’s the same story with the village chief who uses his stool’s money to marry ten(10) wives,

When that same money could be used to develop the village or enhance more lives.


Is this the heritage won for us?

Is this why our forefathers had to shed their blood?

Just so our political struggle and our fight for super power would be to expand our bellies and enrich our families?

Is this why our grandfathers had to sacrifice?

Just so you and I can rally behind some political lies?


All in the name of accountability,

We have vilified, disgraced and despised good men in authority,

And wonder what really happened to integrity; respect between the young and the elderly


Permit me to switch lanes,

Cos these things my heart can hardly contain thuogh they are Sounds of my Soliloquies…


Natty 2016®



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