Nana sings, Kwesi dances and Yaw does both, but are any one of them better than the other?

At church on Sunday, my spirit was lifted as I listened to the wonderful blend of voices from the Ghana Police Church Youth Choir. Individual efforts and voices came together into perfect harmony. Imagine if one member decided to stand at the left wing of the church whilst another stood at the right side, with yet a few standing at the top corner of the church’s staircase and the rest standing at the church’s entrance. Even though they may have still had a common purpose, the church would have been filled with dissonance that afternoon.

What exactly am I driving at? UNITY and PURPOSE.

If the way I go about things differs from that of my fellow Ghanaian, it does not call for enmity or envy but rather a conscientious effort to let my contributions blend with that of my counterpart. It is often said that “You are either black or white.” Well today, I propose to you a different color…GREY. Why not let my traits (BLACK) blend with yours (WHITE) to give us a new shade of GREY, not only to develop ourselves but our nation?

Speaking of black and white…Has anyone heard of zebra crossings? Please, to all those who have vehicles…motors, cars, trucks, bikes…let us be kind enough to stop when we see a pedestrian making an attempt to cross the road at a zebra crossing. It is actually required of us and it does not hurt to show a little kindness.

Back to our different colors… Before I conclude, we may all belong to different factions as elections draw nearer. Why not allow ourselves to be vessels of peace by overlooking our political affiliation when it comes to everyday decisions like hiring someone to fill a job position or even being on good terms with someone? Our nation is far more important than party colors!

To conclude, our currency (though not so stable right now)serves as an interesting reminder to me of how different things can complement each other. Our money consists of notes and coins. Even among them, there are variations…red coins, silver coins, blue, green, red and brown notes. Even though they differ in value they are all important in their own way when we need to purchase items or transact business….yes, even the one pesewa coin.

You are unique, no matter which note or coin you are. So stand up and be counted.

Whether you are BLACK or WHITE, let us come together and make GREY stand out.


Nana Boatemaa Amoah is the Face behind this motivational piece. This was originally posted Monday, 7 September 2015 on Please click the link to her blog and let help make it go viral. God Bless y’all


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