It is barely three months since you and I decided to CHANGE THE STATUS QUO, and it has been an insightful period as we have learnt so much from each other.

I remember the first day the first post was shared. It was overwhelming to realise just how many people will support you when given the chance. One great lesson I’ve learnt from this is CONSISTENCY. The first day had many reactions like “I’m so proud of you”, “Great piece, keep it up….”.etc. Just like when we decide to do something great; something different. You’ll more often than not get many people telling you to “Go ahead”, “You can do it”, “I’m proud of you”… But what happens when the cheers fade away?

To everything, there is a season. There are times we feel we have everyone behind us, supporting us, and there are other times when we also feel like ” Where has everyone gone to? ” Regardless of the cheers or support base, we must press on TO THE FINISH LINE.

Not everyone who started with you will want to or even be able to continue with you, let alone walk with you till the end. It is pretty much like soccer. ..Last Premier League season saw Chelsea, a very popular English club having one of their best seasons yet and had many people singing their praises. Well, the story is quite different this season as they are struggling to even make it to the first twelve on the league table. It is in times like these that the true diehard fans shine. Or let us even come home to our own Premier league. Although it may not be much to write home about, our Kotokos, Hearts of Oaks, Liberty Professionals and Real Tamale Uniteds show up and play whenever they have to, whether there are a thousand spectators or just ten.

What this tells me is that regardless of the season, we need to press on. Regardless of the season, our faithfulness and loyalty must stand.

Are we only Ghanaians when the Black Stars win their matches, when oil is found within our territory and when things are just going on smoothly? Or we are also Ghanaians when there are frequent power outages, prices are unstable and things are tough?

We need to get to the finish line with or without the cheers. We also need to cheer our nation, families, friends and whoever finds the courage to CHANGE THE STATUS QUO TO THE FINISH LINE.

OUR GHANA wants to remind us today to come together not just to be BLACK or WHITE, but GREY, as we unite our efforts to BUILD THAT DREAM. But “WHERE IS THE POWER to do that?”, you may ask. The power lies in us to build BLESSED MEMORIES and be EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE, doing everything with THE RIGHT HEART till we reach THE FINISH LINE.

To The Finish Line

Nana Boatemaa Amoah is the Face behind this Insightful piece. This was originally posted Saturday, 17 October 2015 on Please click the link to her blog and let help make it go viral. God Bless y’all


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