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Why you must receive the Holy Spirit to make the Rapture.

  1. The Rapture Is Apparent in Old Testament Types and Shadows.

In the Old Testament we have types and shadows of the Rapture. Enoch walked with God, and God took him (Genesis 5:24).

ENOCH FOUND FAVOR WITH GOD AND WAS CAUGHT UP. His family was not caught up with him; they had to go the way of the grave. This does not mean they were lost; it means that IT TAKES GREATER FAVOR WITH GOD TO GO TO HEAVEN ALIVE than to go the way of the grave.
Elijah, like Enoch, is also a type of the raptured Christian. Elijah was caught up (II Kings 2:11) while others who loved God were left behind. They did not all go to hell; they simply did not find the favor
with God it takes to be caught up.

ELISHA DID NOT HAVE THE MIRACLE POWER when Elijah was taken, AND ELISHA WAS LEFT. ELISHA IS A TYPE of the Christian who will be left. It takes more to be raptured than to go the way of the grave.

In Genesis, the twenty-fourth chapter, we have another beautiful picture of a type and shadow of the Rapture. Abraham is a type of God, and Abraham’s servant, a type of the Holy Ghost. Isaac is a type of Christ, and Rebekah is a type of the Bride of Christ. Abraham sent his servant into another country to find a bride for Isaac.

THE SERVANT OF ABRAHAM DID NOT BRING BACK REBEKAH’S WHOLE FAMILY, but he brought back Rebekah. God sent the Holy Ghost into this world to find a Bride for His Son, Jesus. It takes something very special to be caught away with the Lord. In our day it will take the Holy Ghost baptism.

Stay blessed.
“Don’t be left Behind”


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