Former national boxer, Sani Yidani has asserted that boxing is a game for self-disciplined persons and not bad people as many parents perceive.

Sani Yidani said this in an interview over his plans of establishing boxing club in Winneba Sports College to help the youth in Winneba and Ghana as a whole.

“Boxing has its own culture. Firstly, you have to be self-discipline before you can become a boxer. Secondly, you have to be somebody who can control your nerve at each point in time. So boxing represent the good heart of human being not a destroyer one.”

He said, the nation had helped him so much that it would be wrong on his side should he not give back to society the benefits he had received from the state.

“Boxing has transformed me Sani Yidani a lot. I was nobody but with the help of the National Sports College (NSC) in Winneba, I have been able to achieve almost all the goals that I needed in life. They have helped me in school and helped me to get all the necessary support that I needed as a human being. ”

The current Central Region Boxing Association captain said that he is always worried about the future of the youths. Adding that, the reason why he is calling on parents to register their wards for the Winneba Boxing Club is to help them gain knowledge, experience and also job opportunity in the near future.

“I have realized that the youths in Winneba lack bright future. So I have taken this initiative to help them get bright future and also clear the misconception that boxing is for bad people and armed robbers. That is not true.”

“The truth rather is boxing can make you become somebody at a time where there is no hope in you and I use myself as an example

Sani Yidani also stressed on the fact that boxing is dying in Ghana and it needs these initiatives to resurrect.

Registration starts from Monday 18th January, 2016 at the front deck of the National Sports College in Winneba. A registration form is going out for just GH¢ 10.00.The registration is also opened to everybody including those outside Winneba.

Story by: Godlove Bamfo Tetteh


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