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Download Braa Kweku Ft Ruth Adjei – Bra (come)


Braa Kweku Ft Ruth Adjei – Bra(Come)

      1. Braa Kweku Ft Ruth Adjie - Bra (Come)

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BRAA KWAKU is a music and poetry gospel minister who has a wonderful way of fusing poetic sermonettes in his music ministrations that is unique and one of a kind. He is a trailblazer who has started a movement called #poetship; a line that has never been towed in gospel music circles and sure to birth many protegees in some years to come. After gracing several music platforms with his unique talent, there has been a massive demand for his kind of ministry. He is a passionate worshiper with a down to earth personality.

BRA (come) happens to be his first studio recorded project which was released about a year ago. It is a pure altar call rendered with poetry. Bra is a ‘gong-gong’, a prompt, an announcement of the love of God to the whole world. On the 14th of February, 2016 (Valentine’s Day) he will launch the video of this wonderful piece on YouTube as his Valentine’s Day gift.

He describes it as a simple video that soothingly brings to fore the emotions of the words of the song. There are few drama scenes to also help depict the message of the poetry that was rendered on this piece.

The whole idea is to focus on characters who were living a ‘lost’ life but heard the message of the gospel of Christ Jesus and gave their lives to Him. We later see the effect of their decision to follow Christ and that is the strength of the whole video. Citing their changed lives, the speaker calls out to all viewers to also come to Christ with their burdensome sins and enjoy a new life; a better life. It also carries a strong warning of the consequence of rejecting this great grace that is being offered to all men on the day of the LORD’s judgement. The video was produced and directed by Jawlyn Pictures with assistance from Braa Kwaku under Josh-Josh Productions with Mr. Joshua Appoh as Executive Director.

He featured on this project a wonderful minstrel, Ruth Adjei who is also a sensational gospel artiste. Her hit song, Liquid Prayers is well known in contemporary gospel music circles. Ruth is also a member of the well acclaimed music group, EM Praise.

So far, BRAA KWAKU has 3 studio recorded projects. This year, he hopes to host a live album recording. It is going to be the first of it’s kind; A #POETSHIP CONCERT.
Come the 14th of February, the whole world awaits to enjoy this wonderful project. In his final words to his fans whom he calls #Church, BRAA KWAKU quotes John 3:16 by saying, God loves the world so much that He gave His only begotten son that, whoever believes in Him will not die but live eternally” This is the love that we must all seek on such a day as St. Valentine’s Day.

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      2. Braa Kweku Ft Ruth Adjie - Bra (Come)



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