I was in school one day, tired from walking quite a distance from my hall when I got a call from an uncle of mine asking me where I was. To my relief, he was also on campus and took time off to come and pick me up from where I was to where I needed to go. His act of kindness saved me a lot of time and energy and that day ended up being one of the best bonding times I had ever had the privilege of having with my uncle, whom I had not seen in a while. Such memories bring nothing but the word BLESSED to mind.

When was the last time we just took time off to be with our parents, grandparents or friends? People say “Nobody has time any more”, but the truth is that what we spend time working so hard for is not so sweet when we end up enjoying the fruits of our labour alone. Time and how we spend it is very important. Our blood relatives are not the only family we have.; that special friend you made in church or in school could end up being just as good as the only family you’ve got.

MEMORIES are important because our lifetime is the only time we’ve got to make things count. When we build the habit of establishing firm ties with those God has blessed us with, we will find it much easier to be kinder to others we do not even know. Wouldn’t it be just wonderful if someday, someone we do not even remember encountering says something like: “I recognise you! You made my day the other time by smiling at me when I expected you to tell me off for bumping into you.”? You never know whose life you are blessing.

The little things matter. The beautiful pictures we see on our phones, walls, in books, on billboards, etc. are made up of many pixels that work together to create the perfect image. So it is with our lives. Our little actions will make not only our lives beautiful, but that of others as well; family or not.

Of course, beautiful relationships can sometimes be marred by unforgiveness and bearing of grudges. However, one thing I have come to learn is that the only person we hurt when we hold on to things people have done against us, is ourselves. Holding on to past hurts wastes time and steals opportunities to bless others from us.

So when is the last time you heard from Mummy, Daddy or any of your family members, loved ones or friends? Now we are blessed with technology and almost everyone is just a phone call away. Mum and Dad may not necessarily be the people who brought you forth, but also people who have been kind to you in various ways, and above all GOD Who created us all.

Life may be so busy and fast these days that we always have to catch up. We however need to sometimes take the time off, sit back, pause and hang beautiful memories on the wall. As Ghanaians, we are even blessed with lovely ways of spending time with those we care about, like ‘ludo’ and ‘oware’, priceless games that foster unity and bring laughter and fun at no cost.
You choose the memories you create in people’s minds.

We begin by forgiving whichever friend or loved one that hurt us. We then move on to spend energy not only on our lives but that of others. And we will end up not only creating BLESSED MEMORIES for ourselves, but our dear nation Ghana.

Just take some time off after reading this to let someone know you care about him or her. You never know who just needs to hear that.


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