It’s in great distress that we find inner peace
It’s in grave danger when we remember God
Playing with fire is fun till you get burned
Yet we play with fire and then go back to fire for soothing relief
That is folly.

Everyone knows you don’t commit a crime and return to the crime scene
Yet what do we see Christians doing,
Sinning against God and then almost immediately asking for a favour from Him.

Yes Grace is available But Do we actually fear Him
Fear is not being scared but showing reverence to God
Not demeaning His existence or desecrating His temple.

BUT we actually see the youth of today doing those things
When a preacher is delivering a thought-provoking message
You see people fidgeting and playing with gadgets and other meaningless devices

Do we know who God is?
If we do, we won’t be doing such folly in His sanctuary
We already stand in filth and where we are supposed to purify ourselves,
We choose to add more filth,
What species are we at all?

Do We want to always be whipped like asses before we learn?
Or we want a return/recap of the OLD TESTAMENT?
Am waiting for the reply…..

We put our faith in the created and ignore the God the Creator
U decide… is this wisdom or Folly?

It’s time for the Youth to rise above this craze and see God for who He is
The Creator of You and I
Let’s wake up from this slumber and give Him what is due Him.

This a wake up call
Enough of the folly

Stephen Otu-amoah The Face behind this Clarion Call.
Stephen Otu-amoah The Face behind this Clarion Call.


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