Lord direct my path because am lost
Please keep me away from your wrath
Am as a ship without a mast.

Father please am I just clay?
That can easily be molded,
And can also easily break any day?
Am I worth to be mounted?

Walking in this world like a headless chicken
Confused at the crossroad waiting to be stricken
Yes stricken to at least find a glimpse of any,
of the ends Just hoping to be chanced upon

Even pointed the direction or at least dragged on
An iota of vision is what am seeking
Longing to a walk on the directed way
To have a path clear without havoc wreaking

Lord may I,
if You may Grant me my wish for clarity
Away from the world’s enmity
LORD my humble cry Is
For You to lead me to the right path

This is My Prayer

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.


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