EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE “Let us have a world of ordinary people, living life the way God wants us to….”

The lyrics of this song really got to me, not only because of the melody it was accompanied by but also because of the writer and singer, a gentleman called Cobhams Asoquo. You most probably haven’t heard this name before, but I believe there are a few lessons we could learn from his life and character.

Mr. Asoquo is not your ordinary singer. He was born blind and has never had the privilege of seeing the world through open eyes. Listening to him speak on a programme on radio however,  he seemed to me to be more grateful for life than most people are these days. He lives life to the fullest, taking risks and even getting married not too long ago..to a lady with perfect eyesight.

As I said earlier, you most probably haven’t heard anything about this man prior to this. Which leads me to ask..How many people will hear your name in their lifetime? You are unique in your own way, but the reality is that your name may most probably never be on a billboard or on television. Yet still what impact are you making? From this man’s life story, I learn that it is not about the number of people who mention your name, but rather about how deeply the marks of your life will be etched into the hearts of those you encounter, whether it is just one or two people.

Even with our eyesight, how many times have we not made excuses for our failures and shortcomings? No one is really responsible for our mistakes but ourselves. Instead of blaming others when we fail, or wallowing in self – pity waiting for someone to sympathise with us or pick us up, we need to shake off the dust and get back up again. The scratches you may have received could become a thing of beauty based on your attitude. Tough times should harness our creativity. Our country is a typical example. In these difficult times, what can we do differently to ease the burden on us and move this nation forward?  I am sure you have beautiful ideas waiting to be born!

Cobhams’ story also reminds me to appreciate the gift of life, no matter the circumstances. No matter where you find yourself, including Ghana, there is a purpose for which you are here and there is so much to be grateful for. If not for anything, we live in a peaceful country full of God’s blessings, no matter how blind we may be to them at times.

Where there is life, there is certainly hope. Is there a Cobhams in your life? Encourage that person and learn from him or her. It is high time we stopped ‘waiting’ for people to die before we let them know just how important or good they are. On that note, you are important and this nation needs you. There will never be another you reading this. Do not wait till you feel  “extraordinary” before rising up to make a change in your little corner. So “Let us have a world of ordinary people, living life the way God wants us to; and if we have a world of ordinary people, extraordinary things will happen to me and you. ” http://www.loudtronix.me/converting.php?v=jFld1qBYdcY&fmt=mp3 Please follow this link, and click ‘High’ to download ‘Ordinary People’ by Cobhams Asoquo. I hope you will be inspired.


meet the face behind this extraordinary piece. This was first posted on her blog on Thursday,24th September 2015. Let’s follows this link  http://ghblessed.blogspot.com/2015/09/extraordinary-people-let-us-have-world.html?m=1 to Her Blog and make Her Writings go viral. Bless You



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