We stand on the battle field Armed to the teeth
About to go head to head
Enemies we were at this point,
Can you believe we were once ONE?
So how did we get here?

It all started with an Eve
A deceitful little creature
Who pretended to love us both
Yet wanted to sow enmity and hatred
Unfortunately man believed and I rejected.
The things I wanted to do Man didn’t
We argued till there was a rift between us
At this point he was blinded

Blinded by the hatred
When we met it always turned into a fight
Pound for pound, the ground of the soul
Our canvas to manifest

With us being surrounded by referees trying to separate
Even when they were successful
He Hurled insults at me.
He treated me with disdain.

Fast forward and we find ourselves on the field of life
About to do battle for something that has lost its relevance
What crime have I committed against Him
I thought to myself solemnly as I recited my last eulogy

Then a bulb lit in my memory
We were cool till The Eve arrived
We were still One
Till it gradually tore us apart till we couldn’t see each other anymore.

The lies it told us masked our faces
Pain and hurt also served as the mascara and lipstick,
Which concealed our true self to each other.

Suddenly my eyes opened
I saw the plan of the Eve
It was to tear us apart, steal our joint treasure and destroy us.
I called for a truce but man was so bent on annihilating me.

So I called for reinforcement
Unsuspectingly reinforcement had already been summoned.
And apparently were waiting for their call to arms.

Then the battle began
We sent our armies to valley of blood
Only leading commanders stayed and watched
At my side it was Holy Spirit and at man’s side Eve.

My side armed with truth and man’s side
Man side took advantage of the terrain because it was familiar
We took time to adjust

But the time came when;
Man and his entire lie were vanquished
My army was victorious

I captured man’s heart and mind and bound them together
I defeated him in his rebellion and then conquered him in his sin
I then completely invited him in
Because he was a prodigal son and I loved him the same..
And Paid for his Adversary.

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.


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