I’m the hard type; and when I mention the ‘hard type’ I don’t mean to say hard in behaviour or character or attitude. No. Emotionally, it is very difficult to move me. While I would rather prefer to call it “who men are expected to be”, some would disagree and describe it as let’s say suppressing who genetically we are.

“Do you believe” actually got tears rolling down my eyes as the entire story portrayed real life. It wasn’t a departure from the ordinary but instead it mirrored the Christian society back to us.

For once, I couldn’t help but to be carried away by the entire story line. Awesome. Revealing. Fascinating. From start to finish, the movie is a craftily written master piece which gets everyone wondering if they are actually carrying their cross or instead leaned it on a wall somewhere in their minds only to be an object of admiration. With deeds, carefully chosen characters in the movie showed us that, our salvation is paramount and faith in Jesus Christ must be followed with works.

Ranting about the challenging times in life we say is understandable at least from a human point of view. But we do so only to realize it is so because we only see in parts and not God’s full picture. The parts may appear painful, full of regrets and pain among others but the end, always holds its beauty and glory – a sight beyond human comprehension.

The movie written by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon was directed by Jon Gunn and produced by Harold Cronk and his team.

The film stares Mira Sorvino, Cybill Shepherd, Sean Austin, Ted McGinley and Alexa Vega.

Reviewed By: Kumi Obed Afari
obed kumi


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