I see from a distance
Not just this instance
But always
I see you go the wrong ways

I try to tell you but you refuse
Refuse to get back and out of this tight noose
Why are you so stubborn?

I have been there before,
Yes before you were born
But yet still you keep straight,
Towing the same road
Are you blind?

Can’t you see you are being programmed with the wrong code?
Don’t do this!!

But it seems like a catalyst to avoid the bliss
Stop there!!

This rather propels you to go everywhere
Everywhere that’s not right
Just to elevate to a certain height

I know how it tastes, bitter
Though you may think am cold like winter
And always rain on your parade
Am rather doing contrary,
Coming to your aid

As a child is so fascinated with fire
So the devil uses his tricks,
But don’t mind him, he’s a liar
He paints a picture more skillfully than picasso
Yet it all falls apart when the Truth is sown

Temporal is all he provides

But eternity is where we are to reside
I speak to you softly
But you ignore
Then he persuades you craftily
And then you respond, massa you just de bore

I made you in my image
Free and beautiful
Yet you decide to be locked in a cage
Oppressed and sorrowful

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.
Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.


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