Heavy Love

Silently in the shadows
He waits for me
Waiting for a reformation of my mind
He loved me unconditionally
Even when we were yet sinners
He died for me, Why me?

I am used to pain and shame
But He came and told me you will not be the same
Love so powerful it freed me from the grips of the evil one
Broke every chain which bound me

Amazed is just how I feel everytime
I am allowed to stand in His presence
Because I know heartily.
That I don’t deserve it.

Ooo how marvelous how wonderful
Is my saviour’s love for me
How can royalty come down to die for filth
Love so passionate
That He gave His only son

He was so impassioned that he wanted to save us from ourselves
Like the youth of yesterday
Love is portrayed by Michael Bolton
In a ballad he tries to sing

But real love is not captured in 3 minutes of music
But through actions and deeds
Try sacrificing something you love for an ungrateful dog
But yet still He loved
He loved so much that,
He gave to us freely Grace and mercy

I sometimes wonder doesn’t He see my transgressions?
Or I hide it masterfully
But He just chooses to deal with it in a different way.

Through Love, Yes Through Love
He pulled us away from sin like a dirty rag
And washed us with the OMO of heaven
His son’s blood.

For us to be clean and blameless before
His sight Eiii!!!!
What at all did I do?

I search the inner echelons of my memory
But still come out with nothing
So I am amazed
What manner of Love is this?

I stand in awe of this indescribable love
Speechless on why He loves us so
Just pray we show ourselves worthy of such love
Lord Help Us.

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.
Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.


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