Am Coming Back To You
Far far away in another land I was lost
I knew no one but the savy street band
Wanted to find back my way at all cost

Then I started walking
Didn’t know where am going
But am walking down this lowly road
Feeling like a wreck in a towing
But at least the scene is delightful to my censory nodes

Why am I dwelling with the squatters?
When my Father owns all heavenly glitters
The irony is clear to see
A prince viewed as worthless as a honeyless bee

I was so ashamed
My demise was publicly acclaimed
The words cut through me; I was maimed
They pushed and played around me; Yes, I was tamed

How low the mighty have fallen
Fallen so quickly like unpollinating pollen
Once a man with enormous powers
Now a pauper with a rag whose smell towers

I was hopeless in this situation Epiphany,
Yes I got a realization
I am worth more in my own nation
Rather than rot here in frugal expectation

I was pulled up suddenly from my abode
Which I gladly shared with my roommate, the toad
I made a conscious effort to rise up
Rise up and find my way back
But every turn I took I was stuck

Looked forward and wondered
Which road will I take?
With all my money squandered
The choice was easy to make

I went to the market of religion
I found nothing but entertainment from a man with a hundred legions
Then I met this man who promised
Promised to help me go back to my father
Then he showed me the way all by himself.

So I won’t miss
Miss the path that sends me home
As I was walking I stumbled but fell in his arms
Met several distractions
But this man kept me focused

I am still on the journey to my father’s house
And you are also on that same path.
Always we wait for someone to find us
But our restoration and salvation depends on us…
Stay strong, keep clear from sin and live unto the Lord.

Father, thank for giving me the clue
Am Coming Back To You

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.
Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.


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