“War!!! It’s been a part of humanity in every age
We fight for power; for riches; for rights or for freedom
There always seems something to fight for
But one thing has remained truth of every war: behind the field of battle, someone has developed a strategy

The movie, “War Room”, is an exceptional piece which touches on the significance of prayer. While we are tempted with our busy schedules to overlook prayer due to what we claim is due to the “unavailability of time” or mere negligence, we cannot deny its power in the life of a Christian. In essence, it is the breath of the believer.

“War Room” produced, directed and written by the Kendrick Brothers (Alex and Stephen Kendrick) tells a story of a lady who seems to do all she can to keep her home intact but is gradually losing her marriage. Although a Christian, she focused more on her job and daughter but deep within searched for a way to get her husband’s attention. Both husband and wife claimed to be believers but spent less time on the things that genuinely made them Christians. How would an old woman who has gone through a similar situation in her marriage stop these two couples from ending their marriage in what is her worse regrets? Watch War Room to understand how God still works among us if we would call on Him and trust Him (2 Chronicles 7:14).

This compelling piece stares Karen Abercrombie as Clara Williams; Priscilla Shirer as Elizabeth Jordan; T. C. Stallings as Tony Jordan; Tenae Downing. Alena Pitts, Michael Jr., Jadin Harris, Alex Kendrick as Coleman Young; and Dave Blamy as Tom Stafford.

A TriStar Pictures and FaithStep Films in association Provident Films and Affirm Films.

Reviewed By Obed Kumi
obed kumi


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