We Are the End–Time Generation

A cloud received Jesus out of sight, and one of these days He will come riding back on a cloud. How wonderful it will be to look up and behold Him!

Jesus at His second appearance will not come all the way to the earth (that will happen at His third appearance when He fights the Battle of Armageddon at the end of the Tribulation Period).

His second appearance will be the glorious day of the Rapture for the children of God, those who have been born new, filled with the Holy Spirit and are living holy.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 24:34, Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled. All of what things? the signs Jesus told us to look for in the last days just before His return.

What generation?—the generation that would be on planet Earth when all the end–time signs would be fulfilled, when the Jews would become a nation.

We are the generation that witnessed the Jewish people become a nation, and the Lord said the generation upon the earth when the fig tree (Israel) bloomed would not depart from the planet Earth until all is fulfilled (Matthew 24:32–34).

Thank God, we’re in the final hour! Jesus is drawing on us; and we’re running after Him, running our last mile home. Draw on me, we will run after thee, the Bride is saying to her Groom Jesus (Song of Solomon 1:4).

Don’t you feel the Lord drawing on you daily?
Are you running after Him or after the world?

The Bride of Christ that Jesus will take with Him at His second coming is not of the world; she is sanctified through His truth, through His blood, set apart, looking for Jesus to come. Soon it will happen.

We don’t know the hour, but this is the season. It may be the darkest hour of the night, but Jesus will light the sky for us. Wherever a holy child of God is filled with the good Holy Ghost, a child without spot, wrinkle or any such thing, God’s light will be there too.

How tragic for those left behind, including the lukewarm Christians who failed to make preparations for that wonderful moment when Jesus appears in midair and the Bride is caught up to meet Him! The Rapture is upon us now.

Stay blessed
“Don’t be left Behind”

Daniel Okyere the Brain behind the One Soul Project You Can Reach Him On Whatsapp
Daniel Okyere the Brain behind the One Soul Project
You Can Reach Him On Whatsapp


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