I am alone, I think
Lost in my thoughts couldn’t even wink
I am at the brink
I was cast away, no one will even look
Then give me a drink

Dejected and rejected
On the verge, almost defected
I stand in the same situation my fathers did
No solution to the problem, not even a bid

Then you came along
Correcting all my wrongs
Embracing me with all my faults
Without judging you wrapped me
Sat me down and gave me MALT

Talked and comforted me without a fee..
Alas the fee has already been paid
By the Lamb of God,
Who was slain and laid.

You are the best I ever had
Even when I sin you forgive and then u don’t make me feel too bad
You along with your friend Mercy Grant me peace and love
And then make me feel safe

I love you Grace
How can you hold me up everytime I fall?
You are there blocking darts like a wall
You grant me supernatural blessings

Sometimes I feel like a super-man
Cos you lift me so high I feel like I can touch the sun
Might get burned
But I know you will soothe my wounds,
Before my skin over tanned.
You remind me of a friend who is always there
And I don’t have to look anywhere
Just have to turn
And there you are with a burger bun

You know exactly what I need
Devoid of greed
Always you hover
Hover over me like an asphalt road and tyres of a range rover

You protect me
You love me unconditionally
Even when I was stubborn you had patience
Patience to guide me backs

Don’t ever leave me GRACE
Saturate my life to expel sadness
All I want is to feel and know you are always there.

Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.
Stephen Otu-amoah the Man standing in the gap.


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