Almost every day of our lives, we are faced with the task of having to make one decision or another. It could be something as basic as what to wear, or as life changing as who to marry. Our decisions have a way of affecting not only us, but those around us… Something that could be described as The Ripple Effect.

A ripple effect occurs when an object is dropped into water. As a result, the surface of the water is ‘disturbed’, creating the image of moving waves in the process.
Ripples could be subtle such that you may not even see if you do not look closely, or could be so obvious that you cannot overlook it. Whatever be the case, The Ripple Effect is a vivid description of our own lives.

A typical example is our nation Ghana. No doubt, how our today is, came about as a result of some decisions our predecessors and leaders took yesterday. Though it takes a while for The Ripple Effect to vanish, something can be done about it to create a new one.

Decisions are not the only thing that could cause a ripple effect. There is another powerful ‘object’ that has the potential of causing a great ripple effect, and that ‘object’ is YOU.
Just as one drop can make all the difference, YOU can make all the difference wherever you find yourself…in Ghana, at work, in school, at home, at church…
Wherever you have been placed, you are there to cause that ripple effect that only you can. The fact that you have the ability to cause such an effect could either be positive or negative.
If you choose to build others up, speak up when others are silent, and walk the talk, setting an example, you could cause an effect that could ripple through generations. However, if you decide to utter words that break people and choose to turn your back on whatever is going on around you, you are still causing an effect which though subtle, could prove to be of great consequence later on.

Our generation could be much better or worse because of YOU.
It is what you decide today that could change our tomorrow.

In causing the effect, you may or may not be rewarded.. Much like the taxi driver and the soldier in a recent armed robbery attack mentioned in the news. Whereas the taxi driver seems to be the only hero of the day, everyone seems to have forgotten about the soldier who helped to keep the situation under control until the police arrived. Some may say, “Well, it was expected of him. It was his duty as a soldier”, but imagine if he had decided to turn a blind eye. Nevertheless, his being forgotten does not make him less of a hero.
It could be the same with you. You could be an unsung hero, but you are definitely a drop in the water that could stir things up and make the difference.
Just as The Ripple Effect could be caused by more than one drop, so can we all come together to be the change we want to see and stir up our world.

I came across a quote that sums it all up:
“Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, they send forth a tiny ripple of hope…These ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. ”
– Robert F. Kennedy.

meet Nana Boatemaa Amoah the brain behind changing the statusquo, this post was originally post on her blog on Thursday, 14 January 2016.


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