The Grace song by Baaz is a true life testimony of Baaz. Just as God told Hosea to marry a prostitute and use the relationship as a form of symbolism to show us the way God loves us despite our sinful nature.

The following are series of true life events that set the stage for God to Glorify himself through the life of his servant Baaz, and put a song in his mouth hence the hit single Grace. Acts 15:11

Baaz narrowly escaped a chain of three different accidents all in one day, weeks before the launch of his single Grace.

Life was very rough and tough, crowned with financial constraints, owing to that testament even the University he schooled in refused to give him his certificate at the end of his study. All the monies he saved during his national service and all his life savings which he invested into a business venture went down the drain thus sending him into a state of depression. He couldn’t get a job because he didn’t have a certificate and also couldn’t startup any company of his own as well.

But through it all there was only one constant that is Jesus Christ. He never let Baaz go and was always beside him like a Siamese twin.Jesus took Baaz out of depression and made him a blessing. He gave him a well-paying job with less working hours, a company 4X4/SUV car with a driver to chauffer Him around.Physically God healed Baaz of skin diseases that made him whiter/fairer like Michael Jackson.Baaz also lost a lot of weight which made his appearance change overnight. He all of a sudden became a handsome young Gentleman to the Glory of God.12790024_10205995969711522_25795091_o


Da T.R.U.T.H one of the greats in Christian rap music even endorsed his works by retweeting his post.It is said that “Real always Recognizes Real”12788232_10205995968511492_1111702592_nThis is a few of the many things God has done and keeps doing in the life of his son Baaz. We learnt his camp is putting together a documentary that covers all we have reported and many more.

We believe if could transform Baaz to this level in life then you are not far from receiving even more from God. Hence the title of the song Grace.

We thank God for the Baaz brand the fact that it has now transcended from just a normal brand to an experiential lifestyle with Jesus Christ is enough to Give Him praise.

We soak Baaz in the blood of Jesus and pray that this should just be the beginning of bigger things to come in Christ Jesus Name Amen.

Baaz – Grace Produced by Decorus

      1. Grace - Baaz
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