Rhyme Sonny is not just sharing with us what life has thought him, but putting weight on how peer pressure and ungodly addictions are silently on the raise amongst the youth and enslaving them, hence inaudible extinguishing their destinies generation and the generations beyond.

Below are Excerpts from Rhyme Sonny’s Evangelical Piece “My CV of Sin”

“Lord! It’s been a while/My face looks like the residential quarters of smile but deep within me is bitterness/ I’ve become bitter than the bile because the things/ I used to preach against has become my style”

From 2004 to 2007, I had my Master’s Degree in Masturbation Technology/Since then, prayer has become my allergy/And anytime I do it, I see my soul reciting an elegy/ I can feel the will of my soul but my body make weak”

“See Lord, in womanizing and fornication, I have an Advance Diploma/And I enjoy the drama, the trauma I put a lot of women through/Including my best friend’s mama/I see all females as nails and you know how we do as carpenters/We hammer”

“In church I see all sermons as a night of 1000 laughs; total comedy/If richness is being determined by goodness then I’m needy”.

We pray the Holy Spirit convict you to eternal bliss in the Kingdom of God in Jesus Name Amen.
Stay blessed.

Rhyme Sonny – My CV of Sin

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