Text : Mark 13:33
“Take heed, watch and pray; for you do not know when the time is”.

Life Application:
None of us know the day or hour when Jesus will return. Only our heavenly father knows when that will be. But we look forward to that day when we will hear the sound of a trumpet and look up to see Jesus coming for us with open arms to receive us be with Him forever.

But what should we do while waiting for Jesus to return?
Does He want us to be busy doing something until He comes for us?
The answer is yes! In this verse, we see two things that He wants us to be doing.

First of all, Jesus wants us to be watching for His return and should be always looking for Him to come back and take us to heaven.
Sometimes in our lives we can get busy doing so many things, things like going to school, doing our chores or playing takes up a lot of our day.
Doing these things is very important, but we should always have the attitude of being ready for Jesus to return.

Are we using our time the best way?

When Jesus returns, we want Him to find us being busy about the things He wants us to do.
Secondly, we also see that Jesus wants us to pray. We need to pray every day and especially now that we are living in the last days.
We need to pray that the Lord helps us to live for Him. We pray the Lord grant us grace to watch and pray in this times.Amen

Stay blessed
“Don’t be left Behind”


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