Between the boarder of Samaria and Galilee stood ten lepers cast out of the city. From a distance, they called out to the Son of Man who was passing by to Jerusalem.

“Master, have pity on us”, waiting to be instantly healed by Jesus, they were rather told to present themselves to the Priest.

This was not the kind of response they expected, they wanted an instant healing.
They thought, but why would the master not heal us instantly, we have heard him heal others instantly, but why does he want us to risk going back to the very city we have been cast out of to present ourselves to the Priest, does He not know that we are not allowed to enter the city?

Yes indeed, we know the laws of Moses say it is only the Priest that can declare one cleansed from leprosy. But then, how can we present ourselves to the Priest, seeing that we have not been cleansed from leprosy?

Nevertheless, we will exercise faith and do according to Jesus’ words.
And taking the bold step of faith, they begun to get cleansed on their way.

Just like these leapers, so is our walk with God, He works in us a gradual process of holiness and perfection as we consciously present ourselves to Jesus Christ (our High Priest).

The leapers were made whole as long as they kept walking. In their walk to present themselves to the Priest, some may have tripped and others may have fallen, the crowd might have ridiculed and despised them, notwithstanding all these oppositions, they still kept on walking.
We may not be perfect, but we are gradually perfected so long as we keep on walking; presenting ourselves to our High Priest.

I may not be perfect, but I am a work in progress; being perfected by the Perfect God who has called me to perfection.


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