“Please bear with me, I would like to pass by someone’s place to drop something off… “, a taxi driver, whom I later found out was called Emmanuel, said to me in one of our local languages, Twi.
I wondered what it was that could not possibly wait till after he took me to my destination.
” A lady I picked earlier this week left her phone in the car”, he continued…”and I keep going there to see if she is around, but she hasn’t been…”

I was quite surprised. I seemed to have forgotten that such people still existed. Even if they did, they were quite few, and I felt so privileged to meet this man. His act brought a few questions to mind and taught me some lessons I would like to share with you today. Before we proceed however, I’d like you to ask yourself this question :
Beneath your outward appearance, what true treasure lies within?

My taxi driver friend had a way of reminding me of the power of honesty even when no one is watching or there is no likelihood of being rewarded. His act may have seemed ‘little’, but it went a long way to have an impact on me. Which brings me to my next question…
What image has your life imprinted on others’ hearts and minds? Or better still, what impression will someone leave with when they spend just a few minutes with you?

I have learnt not too look down on others and not to quickly jump to conclusions about people, especially based on their outward appearance. When was the last time you chose to be nice to someone based on the way they were dressed or how affluent they looked?
Appearances are and can be deceptive and that is why we need to make it a point to look BEYOND THE SHINE to what truly lies within; a character that refuses to be bent by time and conditions. We need to take the time to know people for who they are and what they have been through.

No doubt, it may seem as if I concluded hastily about my taxi driver friend based on just one act of his… but isn’t that how life is? Like it is often said, ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step..’
The story of your life being written by someone begins with the first step they see you take towards them and others. This could either be good or bad, depending on which path of life you decide to choose. Your actions always speak volumes about you.

If you were to do the right thing over and over again without being acknowledged, will you finally throw in the towel?
I believe Ghana has more people like Uncle Emmanuel hidden in different corners of the country. What makes the difference is whether they will continue to walk in that stead no matter the conditions…whether the light of recognition will some day shine on them or not. With or without a pat on the back, we at least owe it to our nation to do what is right and be one another’s keeper. Right will always be right even when the world disagrees. We are even more privileged because there is a manual available to us; the Bible, which constantly reminds us not to conform to the standards of this world. The world’s standards always change, but we can decide to be that constant factor that never changes no matter what.

So, the next time we meet, what will I see beyond your shine? What will others be able to say about you after a brief encounter? How will the story of your life be summed up by others?
You have the great privilege of being the light this world needs to see. Ghana will be even brighter if we all work towards being much more than what is seen on the outside.
Work on the treasure that is BEYOND THE SHINE.
A life is waiting to be impacted by no one else but YOU.

This noble woman is really changing the status quo. This was originally posted on her blog . on Thursday, 21 January 2016. Please Let's support her works by telling a friend to tell a friend that changing the status quo is already in motion.
This noble woman is really changing the status quo. This was originally posted on her blog . on Friday, 1 April 2016. Please Let’s support her works by telling a friend to tell a friend that changing the status quo is already in motion.


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