The Mankata studios is a registered Christian company set to influence, challenge and empower its audience by  providing practical biblical solutions to pertinent life issues through theatre, poetry, publications and  talks.


Guided is a stage play practically about whose voice we listen and obey in our every day decisions; either God’s or the devil’s and the daring consequences of our choices. The characters in each scene are either influenced by an angel or demon whom they do not see. The events that unfold are so real you’d see yourself on stage.

This piece is set in a living room and office with the characters singing popular hymns intermittently as a reflection of their feelings and situations.
The drama takes a bold stand with scripture on faith, forgiveness, prayer, suicide temptations and resisting the devil.

Date : 28th May, 2016
Venue:The Apostolic Church, Comm 1 Central Ass.Opp Tema Rotary Centre.
Time 4:00pm – 6:00pm and 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Rate : GH₵30

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