As a country, we have been blessed by a wonderful gift called Water. This water forms our lakes, streams and sea, and is used in our every day activities like washing our clothes, irrigation, cooking and most importantly drinking to sustain life. Water is meant to be one of the most embraced natural phenomena, but what happens when this once ‘friendly’ gift becomes lethal when the rains hit once again?

As a nation, we learnt our lesson the hard way last year when the rains wreaked massive havoc in various locations. Lessons when learnt, need to be applied as a result. As I passed through some streets this week, one question kept running through my mind :
“Will we be really prepared if another barrage of storms hits us again when we least expect it? ”
This of course led me to think of another activity we need to constantly engage in as progressive human beings and lovers of our country :

Is preparation a collective effort, or it begins with us on an individual basis?

It is often said that time lost cannot be regained, and time waits for no man. The only power we therefore have over time is how effectively and wisely we use it.
At this point, I would like us to take a look at an everyday but often overlooked creature, THE ANT.

The ant is one of the tiniest creatures we could ever come across, and to me, one of the most irritating. In spite of their size however, they always manage to make their presence felt. How pronounced is your presence wherever you find yourself, especially since you have an advantage over the ant in terms of size?

A close look at these creatures will reveal a sense of purpose that seems quite audacious considering how intrusive ants are viewed to be. The ant however always seems to know what it is about, going as far as to help itself to some crumbs or other pieces from our leftover meals. In the face of life’s harsh circumstances (including rain), will we still do what we have to do, or we will come up with excuses like “It is too wet a day to go to church”, “I can’t walk through this rain to work” or “I am just not able to do this”?
The ant, as diminutive as it is in size, carries on in boldness. What excuse then do we have?

Ants do not usually operate alone, but work with their fellow counterparts. This further reduces their risk of being completely eliminated and helps them in achieving their agenda faster than if they had taken up the task alone. How willing are we to allow others to help us without feeling threatened? The only way Ghana can move forward is when we see one another as teammates and not opponents, no matter the ethnic or political divide. This can be put to good use even in this rainy season. Instead of perhaps waiting for someone in authority to come and put measures in place to curb any potential floods, we could take up the task ourselves by doing the seemingly mundane things like disposing of rubbish properly and keeping our gutters as free as possible so we do not have a spillover at the least downpour. This takes a collective effort but first begins with an individual decision to be an integral tool in the development of our homes, societies and the nation at large.

One great characteristic of the ant is its preparation BEFORE time. Ants never wait till the rainy season or winter before they store up food for hard times. They literally ‘make hay whilst the sun shines’, an activity that could really carry Ghana high on our shoulders if we make the most of our circumstances.
How far do we see into the future? How ready are we in the face of unexpected situations?

Well, as unwelcome as the ant is:
“Go to the ant…consider her ways, and be wise : which having no guide, overseer or ruler, provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.. ” – Proverbs 6:6-8 (KJV)

We are no doubt in a season of rain once again. The only difference however is how proactive we decide to be in situations that virtually seem hopeless. The rain may not only be literal, but could be any uncomfortable situation in our lives. Ours is to be prepared, press on and look out for the beauty of God’s finishing touch in every situation. The sun will definitely come out again.

Who knows?Just like the ant, someone may just be watching you closely to learn a few lessons from you too!

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This noble woman is really changing the status quo. This was originally posted on her blog . on Thursday, 21 January 2016. Please Let's support her works by telling a friend to tell a friend that changing the status quo is already in motion.
This noble woman is really changing the status quo. This was originally posted on her blog . on Saturday, 28 May 2016. Please Let’s support her works by telling a friend to tell a friend that changing the status quo is already in motion.


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