Please Read -Text: Matthew 25:1-13
In Matthew 25 our Lord gave a parable of ten virgins. All were looking forward to a wedding, and made the necessary preparation for the marriage. But when the bridegroom came only five were ready.

If our Lord were to come today and only half of those who were looking for Him were ready to go back with Him, HOW SAD! And yet, this seems to be the indication of Holy Scripture.
What was the secret of those who were ready? It was simply this. We read concerning the ‘wise virgins’ that they had oil in their vessels, with their lamps. That is they had the Holy Spirit filling their lives, as well as bearing testimony to being Christians.
On the other hand, the foolish virgins had a testimony at one time. They once were active in witnessing and serving, and attending church. But they gradually lost interest because they never sought the infilling of the Holy Spirit who comes to give power and victory over sin.


Be filled with the Spirit is a command of God. And, in particular, in view of Christ’s Coming, we need to allow Him to take over completely in our lives in order to be ready for His return.
This is the message left for you today right from the Word of God showing us the necessity of living for Christ if we are going to be ready for the Rapture.
Indeed be ye therefore ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of man cometh.

Stay blessed

Daniel Okyere the Brain behind the One Soul Project  You Can Reach Him On Whatsapp
Daniel Okyere the Brain behind the One Soul Project
You Can Reach Him On Whatsapp


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