091When   you’re born   into this world   you’re destined to encounter  people who will cheer you on. Times  will come when those people will not be around to support you or encourage you. These people might be around but blocked by some boards  of life when you’re in the stadium, someone may be cheering you but you won’t   see them because of where you’re located. Keep in mind that no matter what you have to make it because your success is someone’s   breakthrough .  You must never loose hope and give up on youreself.
PICK YOURSELF UP , encourage yourself  don’t sit waiting   for the fans .  You’re your number one fan, so sit up and work yourself hard enough for success.learn to encourage   and believe in yourselves at all times. If no one came to the game to cheer you on, then  imagine yourself cheering you on because sometimes   you’re all you’ve got. When you make it the whole world will be there to see the glory you have acheived. It’s up to  you   to make it so don’t   wait for anyone’s   approval to do the extraordinary. You’re a winner if you cheer yourself on nothing will stop   you . Imagine   a lot of your friends came to a game to cheer you on, at some point in time they will loose concentration   and start to chat about something else. Will you pause your game to wonder? Do you have to continue to play your game and score that goal  because that is what will get their attention  back. You’re your day one fan because   you can’t   give   up on yourself ,  anytime you stand up to   play encourage   yourself. You will make some fans as you progress in life  but never forget to cheer yourself.
When Jesus was Going  about doing miracles he didn’t   have people to cheer him on everywhere , his own hometown folks doubted him therefore he couldn’t do any miracles. It doesn’t  matter  who doesn’t  believe   in you, if they Don’t  have faith in you then change your stadium. support yourself and move on because sometimes all you’ve got it yourself. When you make a difference all will come and   see the worth of your game.


Monica Otumfuor


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