Jay Kenny Twist - JESUS CHRIST (PROD. BY OB.Sam & Mani Peezil)

Jay Kenny Twist – JESUS CHRIST (PROD. BY OB.Sam & Mani Peezil)

      1. JESUS CHRIST (PROD. BY OB.Sam - Jay Kenny Twist
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JESUS CHRIST – Jay Kenny Twist


Intro : Holy Spirit Filled Music
Yeah, Jay Kenny Twist
Yeah, Let’s get starrrrrrttteeed,wooo

Bridge: Life is not about cash(oooh)
Life is not about cars(oooh)
Life is not about girls(oooh)
Life is not about houses(houses)
But one person(one person)
Who’s perfect(perfect)
So who’s that?

Chorus: Life is all about Jesus(the Saviour of the world, the Saviour of the world) 5×

Rap 1: (okay aah) Sin got me locked up in chains(woo)
Accompanied by it was pains(woo)
All that i saw was disgrace(woo)
Confusion, the word on ma face(woo)
Will there be change, the question i asked
The answer i had, was Jesus at last
Lamb of the Father who wiped our sins
Took all our hates and all of our greeds
He gave us our freedom so we the redeemed
Soaked in His blood, my life guaranteed
I’m living in Him, His Word is in me
I’m hungry for Christ, on His Word i will feed
Trouble for devil?
Yeah sure
Coz one thing he fears is “knowing the LORD”
So put on your Jesus and rest in His grace
This is the way you can finish your race

Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!

Rap 2: (aaa, okay, yeah) He was ridding the donkey, they singing Hossanna
He was on His way to pleasing Jehovah
Jesus was perfect, He made no mistakes
So God is expecting the same from His saints
Yeah buh the journey aint easy
He went through the pain that we currently facing
So forget your troubles and trust in His Word
He will take care of you like the lilly and the bird
Yeah, don’t grieve His Spirit
He’s the only One who revives our spirit
So Christ’s Holy Spirit is living in us
Giving us power from “womb” to the “dust”
Your body is His temple
Don’t sell it to devil
And Christ is the key, to your big level(yeah)
…….And Christ is the key to your big level(yeah)

Bridge! Bridge! Bridge! Bridge!

Chorus! Chorus! Chorus! Chorus!

Outro: yeah, indeed, life is all about Jesus Christ(huh!!)
Thank you Holy Spirit


JESUS CHRIST - Jay Kenny Twist



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