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LESSON:Study On The Ten Virgins

Text:Matthew 25:10

But while they were on their way to buy the oil,the bridegroom arrived. The Virgins who were ready went with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.


In order to catch the impact of this story, we need to know something about first-century Jewish wedding customs. In those days you got married in three stages.
First, there was the formal engagement, which was almost always arranged by the parents. Some months later (up to a year or more) came the formal religious ceremony in the bride’s home. That would be something like our modern wedding ceremony.
Third, there was a wedding banquet (or feast) at the groom’s home. That banquet took place sometime after the formal ceremony, usually at night. It might happen the same day or it might take place a week or so later. And in certain cases that “banquet” could last up to seven days. So it was quite an elaborate affair that cost a lot of money, and therefore it was a major social event that everyone wanted to attend. When it was time for the banquet, the groom would take his bride and together they would walk to the groom’s house.
The road before them would be lit with lamps held aloft by the wedding party. The bridesmaids would take part in this ceremony of welcoming the bridegroom (and the bride, though she is not mentioned in the parable) as he prepared to come for the banquet. It would be a major breach of etiquette for anyone in the wedding party not to be by the road ready to welcome the bridegroom.


Jesus uses this parable of the ten virgins to remind us that the door will be shut once and for all when he returns to the earth.

Stay blessed

Daniel Okyere the Brain behind the One Soul Project +233272287556 You Can Reach Him On Whatsapp
Daniel Okyere the Brain behind the One Soul Project +233272287556
You Can Reach Him On Whatsapp



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