It’s National Poetry Day here in Blighty For all my Poets on Board… A poem I was inspired to write by His Grace . Enjoy By Ewusi Brookman

If I walked all the earth
The length and breath of
Its borders lush and dry
And left not in strides gained,
A mark of prints in prayers bold,
Then have I walked and walked in vain.

If I have taken long fills
Of heavens sweet breath
In blast so wholesome and pure
To fill a lung in daily need
And have lived
To exhale not truth
In verses rich and sure
But in colours of sin
Have led astray
All to whom liberty gladly leads
Then, have I lived but lived a long lie

If I have lived and at peace been
No foe of truth but in Christ gained
A view above of heaven yonder
Over which darkness daily ponders
Of princes heavenly seated
In glory beyond measure
Then have I lived and in lived to upward look

If I have lived, and truly lived
Not in haste caring for earthly tares
But have been still to see his glory reveal
All to whom he gladly would unveil
A life in heaven as it should be on earth
Then have I lived as Christ would live
And truly lived with a mind on Him!


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