The Church is never and will never be a physical building! The Church is the Lord Jesus Christ. The Church of Christ is His Being. As such, He has a Spirit, which is the Holy Spirit, He has a Soul which is the Gospel, and He has a Body which is the Church.

As the Spirit and the Soul dwell in human body and express themselves through it, that’s how the Holy Spirit and the Gospel are to express themselves through the Church. Now as a given body has many different parts or members, that’s how the Church, the Body of Christ, has many members who constitute the means of expression to the Holy Spirit and the Gospel.

The Church is Christ’s Body, and as His physical body began in the womb of the Virgin Mary, His resurrected body began in the womb of Mother Earth. Like an Antivirus injected into an organism for the purpose of destroying a resident virus, Jesus, a Holy Seed, was introduced into humanity.

Having borne the sin of the world in His Body, He destroyed it with His holiness. In this power of holiness He was raised up from the dead that on Him and by Him humanity as a creational organism must hence feed and live.

Thus, as a Seed, with which Mother Earth has been fertilised in order to reproduce His kinds, one can suggest that His Body is metaphorically still in development. Every human life conceived begins with blood, and it’s with Christ’s Blood that the Resurrected Life began.

Mother Earth received Christ’s Blood by which the first Apostles were cleansed and they became the heart of His Body. From them and through the working of the Holy Spirit, the Body is being knit together till now.

Both the dead and the living believers make up this Body. Let it not escape notice that when a baby is developing, every other organ or member that is first developed still participates in the development of the subsequent one. After the formation of the heart, it doesn’t lie idle until all the other organs and members are formed, but it beats continually. The same principle is at work in the Body of Christ.

Peter and the rest of the Apostles whom I said constitute the heart of the Body have all fallen asleep in the Lord. Nonetheless, you will agree with me that the Body is still receiving life through their writings and works. Without them, the Body would have long been atrophied. Through the working of the Holy Spirit, every saved soul is knit together with them in Christ – the Body and Church.

by Rashid


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