God said in Gen 8:22: “While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and winter and summer, and day and night shall not cease.” This pronouncement made directly by God profoundly reveals the existential amalgamation of not only natural phenomena but also human conditions. Between each binary opposition recorded here lies a stretch of seasons that are marked by different atmospheric conditions, which all work together for the existence and evolution of human life on the surface of the earth. This observation in the realm of the natural could equally be made in the human society. As a weather can get really hot, that’s how some humans can be really red. Likewise, as a given weather can get really cold, that’s how some human can also be really black. A fair weather would be equated with fair coloured humans with varying degrees of intensity. The sun does not always rise at the same time every day, neither does it set in the same manner every time. Not all sunshine have the same brightness. Some nights are more enjoyable than the others due to the brightness of the moon, and the number of stars each night does also vary greatly. The darkening of clouds before rainfalls never follow the same pattern, and no rain falls exactly the same like its predecessors. These natural observations can also be found in human society. There are rich and poor people primarily, but there are different kinds of rich and different types of poor people. This is also true at the level of psychology and intelligence. So I say listen to me and tell this to the proud and the racist: While the earth remains there will be different levels of riches according to time and season, and there will be diverse racial aspects and characteristics of human life. Contextually Yours & GLORY BE TO GOD!


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