Ever wondered what pain is?

Pain is a distressed feeling caused by damaging stimuli. I want to talk about the pain associated with feelings and emotions. It is that kind of pain when you suffer a loss or grief out of something or someone. This pain and the feeling is inevitable. When you experience such kind of agony, the feeling is sometimes unbearable and you often find yourself trapped in the depth of it all. It is hard to divert the attention from it but did you know you can let your greatest pain develop into your greatest strength? All you need is a little courage and motivation.

There is Strength in Every Struggle

Whenever you experience emotional pain, there is always a strong urge, a strong feeling that attracts you in its power. Fear not though for with a little act of courage, you can control that power and turn it into your strength. Now the question here is, how can you overcome your struggles?

The answer is very simple; you just have to trust in God. You have to draw the strength from offering prayers to God as him only will give you strength to bear that pain. You must pray for the strength and peace mind to not only overcome but withstand it. Once you are be able to trust and believe in God, you will find your true strength in every struggle you face.

Prayer is the key

You should also try and make prayers part of your usual routine. Only through this will you find the inner peace within yourself. The prayers will serve as the only key for unlocking the inner strength needed in overcoming pain and suffering. They will not only give you the strength to fight but also the strength to overcome and strength to develop your pain into your strongest power and energy.

God Makes You Strong

Sometimes you also wonder why you were given that suffering, why not someone else? The answer is simple. God wants you to become strong. He chose you as the sufferer because he wanted to test your commitment to overcome those challenges. He wanted to show you that you are actually stronger than you think. God doesn’t give you pain and sufferings if He thinks you are weak and not ready to accept them.

On the contrary, He only gives that much of pain because He needs to use you as a testimony that pain can be conquered. There is no any concept in life without pain. If there would not have been pain in the world, then you would not have understood the true concept of happiness and ultimately, you would not have recognized God.

God is in Full Control

Every happiness is borne of pain and with every pain springs is happiness – they are that intertwined. You just have to look tough and try to look at the bright side of your suffering. With the blessings of God lies your true strength and with his will lies your true glory. Without him, you are nothing.

God has the control of this entire universe and he has the power to do and undo every happening, including your suffering that may now appear insurmountable. With your trust in him all the time, you can have the satisfaction and his endless generosity. You can have your greatest pain turned into your greatest strength – just have faith in God and believe it is possible and it will happen.

Source :todayiamblessed.com


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