We all got a more or less a wrong idea about the way we should pray and about the prayer’s role in our life.
Considering God as exterior to us, we use prayer as a means to get back the contact with the Him.

Prayer is actually unshakable faith in action.
It can be considered as the most powerful manner of thinking.
True prayer is a lifestyle not an emergency detour.

We might ponder upon the question whether with the help of prayer, or through sacrifice, we might obtain special favours from God.
To such a question the answer is both yes and no.

Everything has its importance in this Universe; the birth and death of a flower or of the smallest colourless insect produces infinite ripples.
The person who prays for the healing of his/her beloved actually ignores the consequences of his wish.
In reality the person cannot know the outcome of his/her praying.

If the healing we pray for is written in the Bible, it will be acquired, not because we prayed for it, but because it really is necessary for that particular life.

However, if death is written in the divine manuscript, then death will invariably come.

Does this mean that we pray in vain, that praying is useless?
Of course not: nothing good we do is useless or in vain.
It is not the final destination or achieving the goal which is important, but it is important walking the path which leads us to it.

No matter how mundane or very interesting our prayer is, it places the creature closer to the Creator; and due to this reconnection we become more kind and purified.
The communication between the creation and its Creator is not just an illusion: it started already with our first breath and it has never stopped.

Generally, people do not put into practice an authentic prayer.
The prayer is a begging for help, so that one satisfies the ephemeral part of life.

When people are praying, they establish a connection with the mental gods they have created and not with the real God, the Creator.
The level our prayers can reach always depend on the intention we manifest. The more impersonal our prayer gets, the higher it can reach.

True Prayer is a Lifestyle not an Emergency Detour
True prayer is not about begging, but is filled with love, devotion, trust.
It is the sacred connection between the Father and the Son, it is the awareness of complete communion.

Therefore, praying creates silence, inner peace, trust and a calm moment of waiting for an answer.
God speaks to us through special revelations and through all His wonderful creatures.
For our prayer to be efficient, all we need to do is to open up your heart.

Source: todayiamblessed.com


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