We live in an era of delusion and glare. Nowadays, we have passion to raise ourselves, to demote and judge others, to sin and to be greedy, even more than the previous ages. Who does not have this passion?

Be Humble with Yourself First

Everyone has the passion to raise himself. From scientific point of view, it is physically normal for the human brain to behave like this. Who would not like to be the best among others? Who would prefer to be a servant and not a master? We are humans with education and we have to think that if everybody would be a master in this world, how we would be able to go on as a community of masters without servants? In our society, there must not be only what we call “education” but also the rule of church that says, “Ignorance is bliss.” Everybody in this world has to be equal with the others. Of course, everybody has to put the effort to act for himself with the best way. Every single person has to try to increase his education, his experience and his quality of life with the appropriate manner. Not only Jesus came on earth to teach about humility, but also other significant personalities such as the ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates. Hippocrates wanted his pupils to be simple doctors. He would not like the doctors to use wonderful dresses and to act as great and magnificent personalities. Another Greek ancient philosopher, Socrates, became famous because he said, “I know that I know nothing”. Thus, we have to be honest with ourselves that we have all of us just a human mind and we cannot differ much from the others.

Be Humble Before Others

Since we are honest with ourselves, we can be easier honest with the others among us to be useful in our community. If we humble ourselves, we can make the other people to sympathize us.

Think about a man that believes that he is a master of everything. Would you adore a person with a behavior like that?

Whereas if we knew that a person would be simple, we would really “like” him and we would admire his achievements.

The same happens to everybody for the rest of us. That is why; we have to be simple men, frank with the others and to have a pure spirit because God gives bless to worthy people.

Be Humble in the Presence of God

When Jesus came on earth, he was teaching the crowds about love, mercy and humility. He made the crowd to understand that the father would react to them as they react to the others. He was trying to advise every single person to humble himself to be able to have entrance in heaven. God knows every single personality. He made us on earth to act as his slaves and not to behave to the rest of the people as a master. That is why, if we humble ourselves, we are honest to God too.

Watch the growth of the bamboos. The higher they grow, the lower they bend. We do not want to grow as a bamboo. We want to grow straightly to be able to reach our father in heaven. This has to be our most important achievement. That is why – if we use to raise ourselves on earth, the God will neglect us in heaven. Whereas the most humbled person on earth, who was Jesus, will be the King of heaven. Instead of that, we have to humble ourselves to make the most of the people of our community to respect and admire us correspondingly.


source : Today I’m Blessed