By Rashid The Contextualist

The event that took place between Esau and Jacob was reenacted between the European and the African.

Esau sold his birth right for a bowl of soup, and the African sold his human right for a bottle of drink. Scientific researches have shown that the European is subsidiary to the African, but when the primordial behaved in a manner devoid of common sense, he was supplanted by the subsidiary of humanity.

The black and other coloured human beings are like twins from the womb of creation. None is superior than the other, and besides all form a fallen race, dead in sin.

However, their ability to use their brains is the point of divergence among them. In their encounter, the European devilishly outsmarted the African, who was himself devilishly dumb.

It is the dumbness of the African on our side, and lust on the other that made the African to allow himself to be enslaved by his subordinate in existence.

His, was to keep the earth inherited from God, but having sold his human right out, he is now assisting in the gradual destruction being inflicted upon it, while the destroyer is exploring and preparing other planets for future habitation.

If the European finds it difficult to live with him down here, he should obviously know that he is not welcomed in the space. Meanwhile, unless he wakes up and breaks the European’s yoke off his neck, he will continue to be used in making other planets fit for human habitation, which he himself will never experience.

And, this breaking is done by genuine repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ. Acts 20:21.
I have declared to both Jews and Greeks that they must turn to God in repentance and have faith in our Lord Jesus.

Happy New Year
By Rashid The Contextualist