Within a space of 5 minutes and a walking distance of about 300 meters somewhere along the major street of Twifo Praso stood two pastors(I am sure they double as Dr. and Prophets when behind their various pulpits/altars) at both end of the street centered by a large number of people and cars, mostly traders and taxi drivers trying their hardest to make the last dime before the day finally shuts down. As if they were were blinded by the noise around them, they preached and quoted different verses and touched on different topics which almost always ended on “Sowing Financially in the House of God” or “Offering” as we’d plainly put it..

For a moment I was lost in thoughts, it felt like i was nowhere and somewhere at the same time cos I felt Like I was locked up somewhere around a corner downtown Kwame Nkrumah Circle since that’s where this great act of extortion is largely put to play…

This is the reality of our time, the message has shifted from that of Salvation to that of Getting, so sow everything you have financially into the church and ” all others ” shall be added unto you, really ??
Is it not the same “all others” we are told to shun since it’s of this world ??
The cars, houses, successful businesses, a happy family and the list never ends !

Don’t expect me to give offering just cos a pastor called for it, Let me be the Christian who doesn’t give
What is it with the first family almost always being celebrated, what happens to the last family?
What is it with the children of pastor having the best of education and becoming whatever they wished for just cos their parent had monies to pay while the children of member are asked to keep paying offerings and also keep holding on the hope
That child who’s not had a meal but still has his/her Mum giving cheerfully in church?
That sick man who could survive the sickness with money but would now have to soak himself in and drink the blood Jesus and just keep have faith in the stripes that heal
Or that brilliant boy, who’s life would be changed for the worse just cos that big man feels it more honoring giving a tenth of his salary as tithe than giving a quota out of that for a examination fees !

So now let me tell you what true offering is all about
Anytime I make someone smile, that’s my offering
When I genuinly helped the brilliant but needy boy pay his fees, I offered something
I helped drive the sick boy to the hospital, didn’t I offer anything
I share my food with my neighbours even though that means I’d be half full, this also is an offering
I have always been on an offering spree
I don’t need a day to offer something to God
I see God in everyone and everything

NB: I am not preaching against giving
But what is giving if it is done with little or no reasoning
Just like gifting jewelry to the pig
Or taking medicine for the sick
Total waste of time
Just face it, an old school lie
The church is none but you and I
And miracles are never in short supply
Cos we are gods, gifted by God to daily wipe the tears off others eyes
Daily be a blessing to someone, even with just a dime
And remember, ther’s always going to be a bigger fish to fry
They are making this a culture we can’t skip
But search well, cos the idle church is here to unzip !


By Hushmullah