My Side Story Official Art

Christ Image – My Side Story (Produced By Christ Image)

      1. My Side Story - Christ Image

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Lazio I see you
Kwame Asante what up…
Yh….My Side Story

many do this/ only few find true bliss/
it’s my call…am all out for it/ I won’t reject it/
this music/ i use it/ for good I won’t abuse it/
lately people tell me rap don’t sell/
gye sԑ street credit/ respect (2x)/
boys hu wo a ͻmo bԑ tu kyԑ/
but respect ntumi bills…

din pa yԑ sen ahonya saa na Nyankopͻn atwerԑ/
what I receive/ I give/ I believe/
in following the trail that the Spirit leaves/
i could give you what you want/ but a need is a need/
I’d rather give you what you need/
wo hia nkwagyesԑm/ me de bԑ ma wo/
wo paa di m’atԑm/
me de bԑ ma wo/ style bia bi/
from afro to hip hop style bia bi/
style bia bi wo nana mpo te a ͻbԑ chedishi (cherish)/
me pԑ sԑ me hu constant improvement in my delivery/
i pray for skills, diverse ways versatility/
the sky is not my limit am with Christ in the heavenlies/
mekae anͻpa no a me de me salary/
nyinaa kͻtͻͻ mic na wifey dwen sԑ m’atwe bi/
oh no ԑnyԑ mea Ci menhye wee/

but you can bet your life am high off something else the Spirit/
He’s indwelling/ the feeling/ am feeling/
if you could feel it/ ԑkyԑn Pentecost da no/
honhom no bԑ ka wo/ wo bԑ firi ha na nkwagyesԑm no da w’ano/
m’ahyԑ me ho so/
i don’t wanna get caught up in the numbers/
but i really want my music off the shelf/
i don’t wanna lose myself/
yeah I promise not to lose myself/
why you think I make beats and record myself/
it gets real when you’re true to yourself/
i’ve seen people trade their health for wealth/

now in a position where their wealth can’t help/
sika pԑ adidi yԑn ti/ nanso sika no nyinaa akyi/
anigyeԑ paa ԑyԑ anigyeԑ paa deԑ ԑnԑ nipa nni bi/
yԑ bԑ wu agya hͻ ama obi w’ambrԑ ho abԑ fa akͻ di/
six feet/ mentumi ndwane/
aberԑ a me wͻ nkwa yi/ me de me ho ama Awurade/
na me gyidie ne sԑ me wu nԑ ͻkyena mԑnyane/
Kristo nti/ kristohare is kingdom minded/
you can’t keep me quiet/ i will never be silent/
what’s the reward for a soul/
am stacking up gold/ in heaven the goal/
what if I don’t blow/ i still got a lot to be thankful for/
this type of music is not for everybody/

so i don’t expect everybody to like me/
one real fan is better a thousand fake fans/
sԑ me feeli sԑ me yԑ star ԑnyԑ rap no ntia/
me yԑ Nyame ba nti forever me yԑ special/
society trying to define the life of a star/
cars akԑseԑ/ ntaadeԑ akԑseԑ/
wo bԑ hwem yie paa nso na Joe boy nni kaprԑ/
charley we don’t have to pretend/
wo de fԑreԑ kyԑ adeԑ badwam a wo tԑ mfikyire te nisuo/
hwԑ na niwuo/


Christ Image – My Side Story (Produced By Christ Image)

      2. My Side Story - Christ Image
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