In this age and time when musicians have popped up with different genres of music, a vibrant and talented young man is making waves with his music and going global. Ever heard of Kaysi Owusu?

He is a Singer, Songwriter and Worship leader. Craving to know more about him? This is the opportunity.

Kaysi Owusu (born Kwesi Nyarko Owusu-Sekyere) is a young Ghanaian singer, songwriter and worship leader at Pentecost International Worship Center. His ability to distinctively put words together and worship makes him a sensational artiste who surely is here to stay in the gospel ministry.

Being third of four children, Kaysi began singing at a very young age and he credits his mum for imparting him with the gift of singing because she is a good singer.

He is the president of One Mission Project – a group of young people involved spreading the message of reconciliation called ‘The Jesus Campaign’ all over the world, reconciling people onto God.

Kaysi started as an R&B singer in 2005 but changed his genre of music to gospel when he joined a group called Street Disciples that later became God’s Urban Disciples. As a solo artiste, he has a couple of singles to his credit. His first single is called ‘Promises’ which was followed by ‘Exceeding Grace’, ‘You Are Holy’ and the latest song called ‘Adom’ which means Grace. In case you heard these songs before but wondering who the artist is, it’s the obvious Kaysi.

Although “relatively new” in the industry, Kaysi Owusu’s songs have made considerable impact in the lives of people who have had the chance to listen. The single Exceeding Grace have been used by kids, youth groups and churches for choreography even though the face behind the song was unknown.


The song You Are Holy gave him the opportunity to travel to Switzerland and other parts of the world to minister into the lives people. Many people have shared their personal testimonies with Kaysi on how blessed they feel after listening to the cover he did for the song ‘Yes You Are the Lord’ by Danny Nettey of blessed memory. Those in their down moments have been uplifted and the discouraged ones are now encouraged – testimonies that really touch him.

Adom (Grace) is his latest release and Kaysi believes it is the new big thing. The song reflects his formative years and the health issues he went through, an experience he felt he was not going to survive. Other challenges include recent ones as a young musician with no management, producer and publicist. But through them all he is finally here ministering to people the world over by the special grace of God.

Adom tackles life issues and already Kaysi has been receiving great testimonies from people who have listened to the song. The video was shot in Germany and would be out very soon. Subscribers to his YouTube channel (Kaysi Owusu) would be the first to watch it.

Kaysi hopes that his messages through his powerful voice would reach every corner of the world and impact as many lives as possible. Check out his social media pages on Facebook: Kaysi Owusu, Twiiter: Kaysi Music, Instagram: Kaysi Owusu, Snapchat: Kaysi Owusu and website: To directly get his songs you can visit and

By : Veronica Logo, Joel Apua & Theophilus Atuahene Adu