With the influx of circular artistes releasing inspirational songs to glorify Our Maker, and flooding the air waves with songs like CCTV, Woara, Adonai, Nana Onyame, Brighter Day, etc.

As these songs camouflage the mainstream Gospel genre, I sought a man who will stand in the gap amidst this subliminal take over, and behold I chanced on Kaysi Owusu, a contemporary Gospel artiste who has promised to release weekly inspirational songs that soothe the soul.

Now let’s zoom in to this week’s inspiration by Kaysi Owusu.

This rendition by Kaysi Owusu is the original work of the Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah (Immediate Past Chairman of The Church of Pentecost and The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council),
The song M’aba Wo Nwunu Ase was chosen from His Prophetic Music Catalog.

Kaysi Owusu – M’aba Wo Nwunu Ase (Your Resting Place! I Come)

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Kaysi Owusu did two stanzas out of the original four.We have made available the lyrics below for you to sing along…

Wo nkyen tena na eye . Your presence I desire
Ahome wo Wo mu . There I find rest in You
Wo dwodwo me koma . Your presence soothes my Heart
Odo na Wode awowaw me . Surrounded by Your love
Woahye m’afono mu ma You fill my mouth so full
Ayeyi dwom na meto Your Praises i will sing
M’akoma ahye nnaase ma . My heart is full of praises

W’ahengua n’anim ho Before Your heavenly throne
Abofo atwa Wo ho ahyia Where angles surround You
Retrontrom Wo daa nyinaa Adorning You always
W’ahotewfo bom’ ka se Your saints jointly declare
Wo nko ne Awurade You are the only Lord
Yehye Wo din anuonyam We glorify Your name
M’akoma ahye nnaase ma . My Heart is full of praises

We pray this clip we be a blessed to you.

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