Deputy communication Director of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), Kamal Deen Abdulai says he is not against the grouping of young men in the country in light of the alleged militia group training at the Osu Castle.

Speaking on UTV late news on monday, over the recent exposé by investigative journalist Manasseh Azure, Kamal Deen said he sees nothing wrong with the meeting of the group [De-Eye militia group] but only has a problem with their meeting place [Osu Castle].

I am not against grouping of young men, the law gives room for association but I don’t agree with the meeting place of the group“.

He however added that his party is committed to ensuring that all vigilante groups and any militia groups in the country are disbanded.

We as a party are committed to ensure that this vigilantism, militia whatever it is called will be disbanded”.

Manasseh Azure’s investigation exposed a group called De-Eye which he claimed are a militia group being trained by the NPP, raising concerns over the willingness of the NPP and the President to disband vigilante groups in the country.


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